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Reach Classroom Observation Tool
The Reach Classroom Observation Tool is designed to inform literacy coaches and administrators about the strengths and challenges teachers face as they implement Reach. This tool will help literacy coaches and principals provide structured feedback to teachers and help them refine and improve their instructional practices with Reach. 

Reach Classroom Observation Tool
Teaching Routines and Strategies for Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, and Cooperative Learning
Instructional routines are simple learning procedures that follow consistent steps. Routines benefit both teachers and students in many ways. The vocabulary, reading, writing, and cooperative learning routines can be accessed by clicking on any link in the following list; all routines and strategies are also listed in the Reach Teacher’s Editions.

Vocabulary Routines
  • Introduce New Words
  • Expand Word Knowledge
  • Share Word Knowledge
  • Review, Extend, or Reteach Using Graphic Organizers
  • Text-Talk Read Aloud
  • Reteaching Vocabulary
  • Vocabulary Practice and Extensions

  • Reading Routines
  • Guided Reading
  • Additional Reading Routines
  • Independent Reading Support
  • Introduce High Frequency Words
  • Repeated Reading Routines

  • Writing Routines
  • Power Writing
  • Modeled Writing
  • Interactive Writing
  • Independent Writing

  • Structured Response Routines

    Cooperative Learning Routines

    Language Development Resources
  • Stages of Language Acquisition: Behaviors and Teaching Strategies
  • Language Transfer Supports